Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

I've been wanting to blog a lot, especially in the last month, but I just haven't been balancing work and leisure too well for some time. I really have wanted to post a lot about the extraordinarily fast-moving events in Pakistan. I'm no expert there, mind, so perhaps it's best I not be one of those trying to muddle through the meaning of its hectic current events.

I did notice something far more mundane today--one of those wacky disappearing stories from the Drudge Report. This is possibly the first time I've scored the evidence, though, so I'm pleased to finally be able to document this sort of regular thing that drives me crazy and have wanted to share, but I couldn't substantiate.

So sometime today before 6 PM Eastern U.S. Time, Drudge linked to a really tasteless story, including an image he featured on his own server:

Strangely, the link Drudge provided was not the one above, but a broken one to the Telegraph "journalist" 's blog. In any case, shortly after 6 PM, the image and the dead link were gone from The Drudge Report.

Charitably, Drudge may simply have been lazy, noticed the broken link, and scrubbed the whole thing without bothering to locate the correct link. Uncharitably, I'm going to be surprised if either the story or the image turn up on the Drudge archives tomorrow.

To make the story even more confusing, the "story" is now on Tony Harnden's blog, which it manifestly was not when I looked for it after trying to follow Drudge's broken link.


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