Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Bush-Blair press conference and the Separation-of-Powers Scandal, or Other bloggers beat me to it

I haven't posted in a bit because I've had a full-time gig the last few weeks, and my can that cut into your blogging time. Frankly, I've also been a little intimidated: I finally went exploring the blogosphere, and boy are there a lot of people out there doing it better than I think I ever could. Of course, it's silly to compare oneself to someone who's been blogging for a long time and has presumably turned it into a paying job of its own, but still, it's humbling.

Moreover, there were a couple of topics on my mind, but before I could write about them I found other people who had written about them as well or better than I could. :-) The first is the Bush-Blair press conference from last Friday; this post at Upper Left, which I found through the Daou Report, articulates my outrage quite nicely.

The second is this unprecedented action by the Executive Branch against the Legislative Branch, namely the FBI's search of Representative William Jefferson's congressional offices. I had gotten about as far as thinking, "well, despite this unusual bipartisan outrage against the Executive, I don't think the Constitution can be construed to bar this sort of action--still, it's a bad precedent, and it would be better if the House simply did what it is supposed to and policed itself"--and then, while catching up with Mark Kleiman and friends, I found a much more detailed analysis with quite a bit of useful information, including analysis of leaks that reflects quite badly on the FBI/DoJ.

I do have a little original blogging in mind--I watched HBO's Baghdad ER yesterday....


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