Thursday, May 24, 2007

Personal news

Hello again, world.

I have been terribly busy the last several months. I worked selling health and life insurance for some time there; that was a trip. (Quite a few trips, actually--I was fool enough to pursue sales all over the state!) Now, for the last three months, I've been working my first job ever at a law firm. I'm a long way from professional, but I'm not just a legal dabbler any more: I'm a case clerk, I'm in paralegal school, and I have met the billable hour.

It feels like the beginning. If I'm ever going to be a state lobbyist for constitutional reform, a solid legal background is probably a requirement. Clerk today, paralegal tomorrow, attorney the day after that ... then unpaid public interest lobbying. Any suggestions for grants to apply for are warmly accepted henceforward.

Peculiarly, now that I'm working 60-hour weeks, I want to write again, but I'm reading less news than I've done in over twelve years! It's a bit of a handicap.

If you're out there, stay tuned ....


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