Thursday, May 18, 2006

Overlooked news: Georgia same-sex marriage ban ruled unconstitutional!

I meant to post about this earlier. I'm very excited by it. The Georgia feed from LeftyBlogs has good coverage of the decision and its immediate consequences. I don't like the coverage of it that has called Judge Russell's decision one of "technicalities": she ruled on a real procedural question, and those kinds of questions are extremely important. Without them, it's tyranny of the majority through unscrupulous and/or incompetent leadership, which was precisely the case here.

We have to rely on a lawsuit and a judge here after the fact; in Wisconsin, I think they're going to beat it! Georgia's campaign suffered from delayed, limited organization; Fair Wisconsin already has coordinators in each of its 72 counties. (I admit the comparison is a little unfair, since Wisconsin is a lot more progressive and Georgia has 159 counties, with quite a few more people in them.) On, Wisconsin!


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