Monday, April 6, 2009

Atlanta mayoral race news

President of the Grady Health System Foundation and City Council President Lisa Borders has re-entered the race after dropping out last fall for her parents' health. They've gotten better, and she's back in.

For some time all I saw were signs for Kasim Reed. In the last week on one of my usual neighborhood drives I saw a yard sign for Mary Norwood.

I'm ashamed to say that these are all people that I've been marginally aware of for the last few years, but haven't read about or followed at all. I do a pretty bad job of following Atlanta & Georgia politics, which is the main reason that I've never submitted this to LeftyBlogs. I am just barely literate enough to know that the election will be this November, and to hold the tenuous opinion that Shirley Franklin was a big improvement over Bill Campbell. Occasionally I notice some glaring scandal of the legislature, such as when Erick Erickson emailed his readers about the nuclear power boondoggle or Tondee's Tavern did the same about the amazingly regressive elimination of the ad valorem car tax. (The Georgia Power nuclear bill passed.)

I did of course notice that Attorney General Thurbert Baker has declared for governor, which is a potentially very interesting development, and fascinating if only for the ensuing scramble to replace him as AG. And in the course of looking for the web link to Erick's email, I discovered that the car tax is dead! Thank god the bumblefuckedness of Republican Georgia legislators can't be underestimated.


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