Saturday, October 4, 2008

Declan McCullagh's overview of the bill

He leads with a sum of the government's "socializing" of Wall Street since Bear Stearns. Four months and a few days (or six months, depending how you count) since the beginning of this mess that is the first thing Obama is going to be forced to deal with.

Others that should be on his list:

Planning drawdown & redeployment of U.S. forces in Iraq (he should do this worldwide, but that's a pipe dream)
Revolutionising Afghan & Pakistani policy
Tax code reform (dare we hope for simplification?)
Investigations/prosecutions of current Administration:
-Abu Ghraib
-U.S. Attorneys
-Domestic warrantless surveillance
-Walter Reed
Russian/Chinese/Iranian/North Korean adjustments
Global nonproliferation
Adjustment of world organizations and regimes: WTO, UN
Energy/environmental policy
A complete overhaul of confidential/secret information policy and retention
Repairing the armed forces
Voting mechanics and law (aka making the USA safe for democracy)
Veterans Administration reform: Better and cheaper

Stuff that he should get to but probably won't:
Repeal of Military Commissions Act, chunks of the Patriot Act, most of the FISA amendments
Ballot access


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