Thursday, June 28, 2007


I have a draft post that has been languishing for a week. Scalia mouthing off in Canada, etc.

For now, I just want to rush in two links (thanks to my girlfriend for both of them!) for the benefit of politically active people out there, specifically, devoted and loyal Republicans (many of whom, no doubt, read my blog). If you still think that this White House is not that bad, that there is no national crisis of government, please consider Andrew Sullivan's detailed "interrogation" analysis, as well as this more recent series on the Vice President. All this is nicely coming to a head, of course.

We have to get the Republicans and Democrats united behind some kind of program to cut off this rising authoritarian golem at the knees--either do that, or unite behind some kind of alternative to get it done. Isn't it about time we ditched the two-party system, anyway?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Israeli tanks enter Gaza

Well, that was faster than I expected. From the title link: Al-Jazeera quotes the Israeli military as saying they're entering Gaza at the Erez/Beit Hanoun crossing for a "limited time." We'll see.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dashed-off comments on Democrats, Massachusetts gay marriage, Genarlow Wilson, Venezuela and the Levant

While making an effort to get caught back up on the news stream the last few weeks, I read this article about the impending political choices Congressional Democrats were facing on Iraq. Now, of course, they've been killed by the evaporation of the antiwar public's support. They have the arguments (which they're not using). They have the political backing; that's proved by their evaporated support. They need to go ahead and find a way to end the war, by whatever practical mechanism, such as by new authorization. Back it up in October with the annual appropriations; refuse to vote on any more separate "emergency" appropriations for it.

Thank god gay marriage is here to stay! Hearing that the legislative amendment-by-ballot had been beaten back is some of the best news I've heard in months.

Genarlow Wilson: It shouldn't even be a crime for two teenagers to have sex. The Georgia Legislature meant to make it the new law changing his sentence retroactive; they just forgot. Thurgood Baker and Sonny Perdue are two of those lawyers who've forgotten that law is a means to justice. Just find a way to rationalise his release and make it happen, for chrissake.

I used to buy my gas at Citgo. I can't support Chavez any more, though. His constitutional amendment abolishing Presidential term limits was a very dangerous, sufficient indication; the parliamentary abdication of rule to the President by decree was just tragic confirmation, and his current suppression of the press is yet more of the same. Just another populist authoritarian and socialist hypocrite; there are no good leaders. How do we make single leaders less essential to the efficient running of government?

Hamas has taken Gaza. I don't know why that doesn't seem more significant to me, since it of course presages a devastating attack by Israel.