Friday, May 5, 2006

A day in the life of geopolitical morality

Hi. Ain't been motivated in a long time (he said, to the two people who read his previous posts). Well, today's the day. :-)

So Sith Lord Cheney addressed some former Soviet countries in Vilnius yesterday, in which he accused Russia of backsliding toward authoritarianism and suppressing rights. This has seriously enraged the Russian press and government. Today, in Geneva, the United States began to answer to the world for its most recent human rights violations.

In the meantime, on my drive home from work, I heard on Marketplace that Cheney wasted no time moving on to Kazakhstan--access to its oil currently being dominated by Russia.

It's nothing deep, it just struck me as a particularly bald moment of the hypocrisy of these governments toward their citizens and each other and their real struggle for current and future power: Cheney is perfectly right that the Russian government has not evolved into a democracy, and the Russian government is perfectly hypocritical in rejecting Cheney's criticisms, but Cheney lacks any moral authority as part author of policies that created a torture gulag in violation of multiple countries' sovereignty. In the meantime, one gets on with the real game of fighting for future supremacy through control of dwindling energy resources.


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